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How Isagenix help me …..

Lana before
Lana before-2 weeks after having her son 12/13/12
Lana After
Lana after- 6 months after having her son 6/2/13: With the help of Renee Barnhill, Personal Trainer and Owner of “A Whole New Fit U”, Renee has helped me in the past 6 months after having my son with proper work outs, a meal plan and with the use of Isagenix. These three steps combine have help me gain strength, energy and continue to become lean. I feel great and after 6 months not only did I meet my pre-pregnancy weight goal with my son, but I surpass my pre-pregnancy weight with my daughter, who I had 2 years ago. Keep tuned to see how I continue to do with my new lifestyle change! Thank you, Renee and Isagenix’s.

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