Easy Egg Recipes from MyFitnessPal

Thought I would share these yummy Easy Egg Recipes from MyFitnessPal:

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Chicken Breast 4 oz. = 27g
Turkey Breast 3 oz. = 26g
Lean ground turkey 3 oz. = 23g
Lean ground beef 4 oz. = 24g
Tuna 4 oz. = 20g
White fish (Mahi Mahi or Orange Roughy) 4oz. = 21g
Salmon 4 oz. = 23g
Sirloin 3 oz. = 26g
Flank 3 oz. = 24g
Pork tenderloin 4 oz. = 18g
Eggs (1 large) = 6.29g
Egg White (1 large) = 3.6g
Whey Protein Powder 30g (about a scoop) = 24g


Final Tip to Jack up Your Metabolism: Strength train…..

Final Tip to Jack up Your Metabolism: Strength train…..
strength-training a

(All source of information is quoted from Muscle & Body March 2014 magazine, Kim Lyons)

“The single most effective method for boosting your metabolism is strength training. Strength training builds metabolism boosting muscle along with a large list of other benefits. Basically, muscle adds horsepower to your metabolism even when you are at rest. By adding strength training three to five days a week to your workout schedule. Strength training does necessarily have to be done at the gym. You can add a great workout to your routine with resistance bands and simple home equipment. “

strength-training b


Tip Three: Increase your protein intake…..

(All source of information is quoted directly from Muscle & Body March 2014 magazine, Kim Lyons)

Protien foods b

“No other macronutrient has as strong of an influence on your metabolism as protein. Protein is highly thermogenic, which means it produces heat through metabolic stimulation. Approximately 25% of protein calories are used for the digestion process. “Kim Lyons –whose information is used here from the Muscle & Body magazine, recommends getting at least 1 g of protein per pound of lead body mass. “ If you do not know your lean body mass, you can eat .6 to .8 g per pound of body weight.”

Protien foods a


Tip two this week for Jack Up Your Metabolism:

(All source of information is quoted directly from Muscle & Body March 2014 magazine)
Tip Two:
Create an after burn effect:
“The afterburn effect, known as EPOC (excess postexercise oxygen consumption), is your body’s way of returning to homeostatis postworkout. While EPOC occurs after most exercise protocols, it is most elevated after intense burst of activity. If you push yourself in the gym or do intense intervals, you have the potential to have an elevated calorie burn for up to 48 hours. Forget the long cardio sessions and go for a short, high-intensity interval workout.” interval training chart
Stay tune next week for Tip Three….


Increase your body’s fat-burning abilities…….

(All source of information is quoted directly from Muscle & Body March 2014 magazine)

Tip One:

Increase Calories:
“You must fuel your body with enough calories to get your metabolism-regulating hormones back in check. It is critical to do this slowly. Over the course of weeks and moths, start adding 20-50 calories into your diet. Along the way your weight loss actually starts to pick up again. A reminder, increasing calories means you inevitably increase muscle-glycogen capacity, and glycogen carries water with it. This is a good thing! Water is not fat, and glycogen is fuel for high-intensity exercise.”


Stay tune next week for Tip Two…….