Chicken Breast 4 oz. = 27g
Turkey Breast 3 oz. = 26g
Lean ground turkey 3 oz. = 23g
Lean ground beef 4 oz. = 24g
Tuna 4 oz. = 20g
White fish (Mahi Mahi or Orange Roughy) 4oz. = 21g
Salmon 4 oz. = 23g
Sirloin 3 oz. = 26g
Flank 3 oz. = 24g
Pork tenderloin 4 oz. = 18g
Eggs (1 large) = 6.29g
Egg White (1 large) = 3.6g
Whey Protein Powder 30g (about a scoop) = 24g

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Keeping Chronic Inflammation Down with the Right Foods…..

Keeping chronic inflammation down with the right foods:
( [information from Karen Asp of Oxygen Magazine May 2014]

Swapping these foods may help keep chronic inflammation down:

• Lean meat & poultry swap for grass fed beef, free range organic poultry
• Wheat flour swap for whole grain oat flour & bread- pumper nickel
• Vegetable oil( soy, corn, sunflower, safflower) swap for olive, nut, avocado or grape- seed
• Milk: swap for oat, soy or almond milk
• Dairy based yogurt swap for coconut- based yogurt
• Peanut butter swap for organic peanut butter or even better almond butter
• Big fish high in mercury swap for fish low in mercury