Get Ready for your Little Black Dress for the Holidays Special!


Nutrition Tips 

We all struggle with the ” What should I eat?” question. I always tell my clients that there is always a best choice of what you may have to choose from.
So,I wanted to give you a few examples of food choices that offer good nutrition. verses bad nutrition choices.

Examples of foods with Higher Nutritional density: 

*Bright or deeply colored vegetables 

*Bright or deeply colored fruits 

*Beans, meats, eggs 

*Whole grains 

Examples of lower Nutritional Density foods:

*Potato Chips  

*Soda and fruit jucies   

*Hot Dogs and Deli Meats

*Refined grains/ flours, pastries

2017: 4th of July Special 

July 4th Training and Nutrition special by A Fit You at Grand Fitness at Grand Blvd in Miramar Beach, FL. 

Special Includes:

4 Week Nutritional Counseling; comes with 8 (45 minutes) training sessions along with 4 weeks nutrition guidance for $679.50. Message me or contact if I can help you at or 850-502-1396.

A word of thought 

Just wanted to share a little quote that was in my daily lesson, for the Level 2 ,Percsion Nutrition course.
“But weirdness and difficulty are spaces of growth and change.”
We all battle the road to change, I thought this was a good reminder, to push through the tough days 😊