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Feeling Fine:

A little thought from Time Magazine “Your Body: the Science of Keeping it Healthy” 1st QRT 2015 Issue:Smiling faces 1.30.15

Feeling Fine:

“No one who’s seen the toll taken by stress and sorrow on a friend and relative can doubt the physical consequences of thoughts and feelings. Still, it can be hard to grasp the breadth and depth of the mind’s influence over the workings of the body. More and more research shows that physical health is intimately tied to mental well-being, and vice versa. In fact, the judicious tweaking of your psyche may be one of the best ways to speed recovery from disease or perhaps help prevent illness in the first place. Knowing this may make the maintenance of a light mood feel like a heavy burden. But science is also revealing effective and surprisingly uncomplicated ways to give your mind a tune-up. It seems that one way to change your brain is to move your body. “

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