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The Bitter End

Source: March 2015 : Jennifer McLagan-Author

Finding it hard to jump on the Brussels sprout bandwagon? Blame your genes: Research reveals that roughly one quarter of us carry a taste- receptor gene that supersensitive to bitter flavors. And those who lack that gene ear 200 more servings of veggies every year. Here how to mellow out three ingredients:

  • Brussels sprouts: Shred them raw in salads or cook them quickly brussels sprouts(the longer they break down, the more bitter they became) by searing in a pan until caramelized.


  • Broccoli rabe: Boil it 10 seconds, then drain, to tame its pungent flavor. Or pair rabe with a fat (turkey sausage or bacon) and some heat (cayenne or jalapeno).broccli rabe



  • Radicchio Char it in a cast-iron skillet, then sprinkle with blue cheese or feta, or sauté it until just wilted and combine with a sweeter vegetable like carrots.Raddicchio

Source: March 2015 : Jennifer McLagan-Author

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