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Spotlight on Sandi Marino:

Sandi training for bikini division 2014
Sandi training for bikini division 2014

Spotlight on Sandi Marino:
After retiring from a 24-year Air Force career, this busy mom set new fitness goals to lose body fat and gain lean muscle. As her body and mindset transformed, so did her goals. Inspired by many others before her, Sandi began training for a fitness competition in the bikini division.

“I no longer believe that fitness models and competitors are genetically gifted. Our bodies respond to the nutrition we provide it. This process is 80% nutrition, 10% fitness, and 10% genetics. The hardest part is making the decision to change our habits. It takes time and consistency and, yes, it’s hard sometimes when you don’t see immediate results. I’m loving my new fit lifestyle, but it takes daily practice to stick to your habits. I’m more forgiving of myself if I slip up. I’m only one clean meal away…it’s not all or nothing mentality anymore. Everything in moderation!”

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